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7 Feb

I’m an avid watcher of reality TV. After a busy day, there’s nothing more comforting than watching other people’s life drama play out on the screen.  The more drama the better. It’s like watching a train wreck sometimes. I can’t turn away. I find it mind numbing and it helps me relax. Did you hear what I just said? I find watching other people’s pain entertaining! I enjoy watching their dysfunction! The more dramatic, hurtful and dysfunctional the scenario…The more I watch. That’s not right. 

Tonight, I’m watching Black Ink Chicago. This episode isn’t the typical drama. It seems real. I’m watching these people’s real lives. The pain of this episode is palpable. It doesn’t seem like acting; it seems unscripted. The pain is real. This episode broke my heart but still gave me faith in humanity. I cried real tears. 

They say that hurt people hurt people. I always accepted that at face value. Tonight’s episode showed me that hurt people can also comfort each other. I watched women comfort each other while coping with devastating infidelity. Most importantly, I watched people push their personal pain to help their friends and family. I watched people share each other burdens. I saw people unite to keep each other safe emotionally. I saw people take responsibility for each other.

For those that don’t watch the show suicide and depression has affected the cast members and their families. One of the lead characters is named Phor. He’s a talented tattoo artist, great lyricist, charismatic, articulate young man (and easy on the eyes ~ smile). On the surface, he’s living a charmed life. Tonight, he was gracious enough to show us his struggles. We watched him cry and he admitted that he has a lifetime struggle with depression and thoughts of suicide. I thank Phor for being so open. I thank the cast of Black Ink Crew Chicago and VH1 for being supportive. I thank them for reminding Phor and others struggling with depression that there is hope and that there is help. Thank you for this touching, informative episode on mental health awareness. 

Now….Let me talk about how this relates to the church. And give you yet another reason why I’m the unchurched girl. How many times have Christians treated the “world” like the cast of the latest reality show? Do we stop and help or do we just watch the train wreck? My answer is that we (and I’m including myself) have done too little to truly help. Instead of watching, we should be out there truly giving of ourselves. It’s time to stop judging people based on their lifestyle choices, socioeconomic status, church affixations and lifestyle circles. It’s time that we start walking with people. Truly walk with people. That means we will be a little uncomfortable and inconvenienced. We’ll need to hug strangers, listen to people’s pain, stop our lives to check on people. We need to demonstrate the type of love that I saw on Black Ink Chicago tonight. I’ve never witnessed this type of love in the Christian community. 


Arizona R.

P.S. Here’s a little scripture to back up my point LOL

Philippians 2:4

Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take interest in others too. 


10 Jan

Welcome (AGAIN) to 2019!

Today is January 10th and I am sure that you are reading this post with your personal goals set for the year. Or maybe you have decided not to have a goal (which is still a goal in itself).

I want to challenge every individual reading this to hit the reset button on life. Remove every expectation, list, and goal. This let do it differently during the month of January. Let’s seek God first and cultivate a relationship with the Holy Spirit. Build your relationship and communication with God. Allow HIM to give you the vision and expectation for the year and then run with EVERY word he tells you.

On Monday – we will be posting a series of topics (for 21 days) to assist every reader that has the desire to hear from God concerning all matters of the heart. Let’s go into the year under God’s direction, executing his plan for our lives all while growing a deeper and intimate relationship with our Father.


~Christine K.


13 Apr

Fill my cup Lord.

That was the thought I woke up to this morning. I am in a definite need of refreshing, restoring and cleansing.

Have you ever felt like you are just surrounded my negativity. Toxic people. Toxic environments. Last night, while I was laying in the bed I said “Lord, I just feel like I need a bath”.

It’s really just a cleaning from the inside out.

My prayer is exactly what my thoughts were this morning. Lord, fill my cup. Fill it with your presence, peace, holiness and love. As I pour out to you, pour into me. In Jesus Name.


Christine K~


4 Oct

Sometimes you just need to be quiet. Take your hands off situations and watch God move in his MIGHTY, MAJESTIC, and MARVELOUS WAY.

MIGHTY –  God is strong and mighty in battle. I did not realize how much fighting was going on in the bible. As I continued to study and read, it amazed me how much war was going on numerous occasions. How people were dying daily for their beliefs. How God sent them out to the battlefield. He told them on so many occasions to fight, do not fear and I am with you.

MAJESTIC –  Remember, God is glorious. He does beautiful things that we are able to even imagine. When it happens, recognize it and give him the glory.

MARVELOUS – God is the word defined….extremely good. Let’s change our mindset about his nature. He is not a doom and gloom. Although we do not understand his ways we can come to the realization that the process is always a road to his Glory. Extreme pleasure and good for our benefits and his.

Always remember, God is strategic, dependable and creative. He knew he would send his son Jesus and leave us with the Holy Spirit. During these times of turmoil in the world and whatever issues we may be facing. Just remember…Be still, listen and watch him work.


Christine K~




13 Sep

How is your soul?

Most believers have an understanding that our souls are defined as our personality, emotions, and beliefs. I’ve heard pastors say “Our soul is the seat of our personalities, our will to do what is right or wrong.”

Personally, 2017, has been a whirlwind. It feels like every day a life changing event has occurred. If my life was a movie, I can see everyone in the theaters sitting on the edge of their seat, clenching their teeth, eating popcorn with their eyes fully engaged scene by scene trying to figure out the outcome. Needing the validation of justice and believing for the happily ever after. Trust and believe I feel the same way, unfortunately, I was not trying to be the lead actress.

So, again – How is your soul? If it is not renewed daily, washed in the word, filled with love, forgiveness, praise, and worship. There’s no way it is healthy.

My vision board for 2017 is basically me walking on water towards Jesus, like Peter. Walking by faith and not being tossed by the distractions of the world. Back in November 2016, I knew exactly what I wanted on my board for 2017. Originally, I did not know what all of that meant – but I definitely understand now.

Trust God, believe and do not doubt – You will be able to do the impossible. Defying gravity and building an unshakable faith in God.


Christine K~


Lean On Me.

14 Dec

Soooo, I wrote this on March 1, 2016 and I just found it today. I just want to thank God for his divine order and protection. Today is/was rough until I found this. This reminder is RIGHT ON TIME!!! I have no idea why it never made it to the blog (and yes I know I haven’t posted in a while – updates on life will be posted later) but I guess today is the day.

Lean On Me.

My conversation with God this morning was more of plea. As I’ve stated in my previous post. My mantra for this year is I will enjoy all the blessings God has given me.

I didn’t reflect on 2015 on the blog because I feel like it didn’t stop. This journey is still continuing from my expectations from last year. God has given me everything I asked for and beyond. I don’t want to sound boastful or anything but I really think it is because I am learning to align my desires with his. 2015 was a fight and a blessing all wrapped up into one huge experience.

As i look back I can see the why, how’s and what I need to do now.

But when tell you that when God gives you something. Whatever your something is he will also give you instructions on how to do it. This is the reminder I keep telling myself. Lord, now tell me what and how I’m supposed to do this.

It relieves my stress, anxiety and fear to fail. I can’t fail when  know that I’m leaning on him and not my own understanding. My own standing would not have me sitting in the seat or life that I’m experiencing now.

So, Father yes, I will lean, rest, whatever on you. Because i don’t know any other way.


Christine K~


17 May

It can be one of the most hurtful, chaotic, and exuberant feelings in the world. Quite frankly, if I could be honest, if I had a choice I don’t think I would choose love. I do not like feeling out of control. Yes, I am saying you cannot control. I could be wrong but that is where my state of mind is right now as I’m writing.

I do not like the feeling. The action, yes. The feelings…no. I do not want to feel. You that feeling of:

No choice but to hurt.
No choice but to laugh.
No choice but to feel insecure.
No choice but to strive for faithfulness.
No choice but to hope for a lifetime of happiness.

No choice but to feel this total out of body experience. That you weirdly and subconsciously choose.

But why am I choosing this?!?!?!

Why do I chose to love my enemies? When I really want to smack the living daylights out of them.

Let’s reflect for a moment…..Why did we choose to love?

Is it because we were created with the sense and urge to feel belonged. To express love the way God loved us.

To feel a warmth no one can explain but you.

To feel a power to conquer for the sake of loving.

To fight and protect for the one you love.

I don’t know just wondering….why we chose it.


Christine K.



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