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Faith 101

13 Sep

So, I had this grand idea to start this blog a few months ago. I felt pressed to get my thoughts out. I wanted to speak about my fears, concerns, and the joys of my Christian journey. Most importantly, I wanted to share the things I have experienced during my walk that the Church didn’t prepare me for in hopes of helping someone else stay the course. But somewhere along the line I got scared. I kept telling myself, you don’t have time, you’re not a writer, you don’t even like to share your thoughts with people. I had every reason not to start this blog and only had one reason to start – Faith.

Faith is the substance of things hope for…

Faith without works is Dead….

Without Faith it is impossible to please God…

I then began to think – Hey what if I encourage someone, strengthen their walk with God or even help someone fall madly in love with God by sharing my experiences. Wow! Getting over my fears was much easier as I thought about the possible outcome.  If I never write anything again and this one post helps my brother or sister (like it has me) at least I can say I worked my Faith, pleased God, and removed one item off my bucket list.

Step out on Faith today and try something different. God will be pleased!

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