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The Little Girl In Me. 

10 Aug

During a recent visit with my family, we decided to watch some old family videos. One in particular was my Aunt’s wedding. We had such a fantastic time. We were able to see old family members that passed away and the throw – back looks of each of us from the 90’s. It was truly warming and rewarding. It was also nice to see the looks on the faces of my niece and nephews as they saw their parents as kids.

One thing that intrigued me was the innocent, hopeful and fearless look in my eyes. As we sat and watched the reception, my first thought was “Where did that little girl go?” I danced and danced as if no one was looking. I was so free and full of life. I need that little girl back. I haven’t blogged in almost 4 months which is unreal to me because this is truly therapy for me. Hence, why I’ve probably been under so much stress lately. I haven’t released or shared all the wonderful things God has done lately.

Just know that I am getting back to that little girl in me. The one God created. Full of life, possibilities and laughter. Removing all negativity and walking in my destiny.

I am going to dance my life away in God’s presence.


Christine K.

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