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How Can We Both Be Victims?

14 Oct

As I am sitting here thinking about my life situations something HITS me… How can we both be victims?

I would like to share a small story with you if that’s okay.  I have a first cousin that I hadn’t spoken to in over 7 years.  We talked everyday. We didn’t go days without talking, but somehow we ended up going years without talking.  I can’t even tell you why we stop talking. All I can tell you is that I thought she was mad at me, and she thought I was mad at her.  Which wasn’t even the case. Wow the things that will happen when PRIDE steps in! And that’s when it dawned on me today how much I have allowed the devil to rob me of…

There was so many years of joy, peace, and love lost.  All because we was prideful and we both wanted to play the victim. Neither party wanted to humbled themselves to even see what the real issue was or even if there was an issue. How can we both be victims?  It wasn’t because we did anything to each other, but it was because the devil played his game.But the grace that God gives is even stronger. As the scripture says, “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” James 4:6 GNT

Live. Love. Forgive.

4 Oct

I was recently challenged to answer the questions below and figured I would share. It took me almost three months to answer these very simple questions. I’m finally at a place of peace to answer wholeheartedly. Enjoy!

Question 1:
What is the greatest lesson you have learned in your life?

The greatest lesson I’ve learned in my life thus far is to live, love and forgive. All of my life experiences have cycled into these three areas. My ultimate quest in life is to live the abundant life God has granted and promised me. I’ve learned that in ordered to do that I must step out on faith and trust that when you love you are bound to get hurt and that is when forgiveness takes place. I’ve also learned that forgiveness is the ability to forgive others but most importantly to forgive yourself even if the other person does not apologize. That is when Godly love kicks in. Understanding that everyone is human and we are bound to get hurt but if we trust God with our pain and to ultimately trust his process for our life. That is when our abundant life that is promised will kick in. Understanding that my life is ordained before the foundations of the world. He knew me before I knew myself and all of my days are ordered and that includes the daily disappointments.

Ok, I’m ranting…Does that make sense? LOL!

Question #2:
How has that lesson shaped your tomorrow?

It has given me peace. Even when I’m battling to keep my peace, I just remind myself that he is control and to trust the process. God’s love heals all wounds, drives out all fears, and surrounds us with his perfect favor for life.


Christine K.

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