4 Oct

Sometimes you just need to be quiet. Take your hands off situations and watch God move in his MIGHTY, MAJESTIC, and MARVELOUS WAY.

MIGHTY –  God is strong and mighty in battle. I did not realize how much fighting was going on in the bible. As I continued to study and read, it amazed me how much war was going on numerous occasions. How people were dying daily for their beliefs. How God sent them out to the battlefield. He told them on so many occasions to fight, do not fear and I am with you.

MAJESTIC –  Remember, God is glorious. He does beautiful things that we are able to even imagine. When it happens, recognize it and give him the glory.

MARVELOUS – God is the word defined….extremely good. Let’s change our mindset about his nature. He is not a doom and gloom. Although we do not understand his ways we can come to the realization that the process is always a road to his Glory. Extreme pleasure and good for our benefits and his.

Always remember, God is strategic, dependable and creative. He knew he would send his son Jesus and leave us with the Holy Spirit. During these times of turmoil in the world and whatever issues we may be facing. Just remember…Be still, listen and watch him work.


Christine K~



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